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Dancing Blossoms

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

" If you look the right way, You can see that the whole world is a garden." -The Secret Garden

Do You love the colours, smells and textures of flowers as much as I? Have you, like myself, walked into your local florist determined to try your hand at creating your very own stunning floral arrangement? Only to be bitterly disappointed with the finished product? I know I certainly have!

You spend so much time mulling over what colours will work best together, do I add something dried, something bold, and then ohh my goodness...

You get completely distracted by a beautiful bloom hiding in the corner. And suddenly your having to start over again as this bloom needs to take centre stage in your creation.

So with your final array of blooms and greenery in hand, you head over to the counter to pay.

The florist politely asks if these are a gift or for home. To which you reply, for home. She asks if you would like them put together, to which you politely decline. And just then, for a brief second you see that look flash across her eyes. That look of ohh dear Lord she's going to try to pull an arrangement together at home, before she quickly composes herself and sets about completing your order.

You get home and set about getting everything ready to create your master piece. Vase, scissors and string- check. You have seperated all blooms & greenery and now you set to work building and creating.

I'd never rushed this process as firstly my clumsy hand wouldn't allow for it, and secondly these are precious blooms and they deserve to be respected.

With creation complete and set in the vase you step back to admire your work!

Slowly but surely you take in the whole monstrosity before you.

The colours you have chosen don't work together, that centre piece bloom is lost amongst everything and the greenery is not only the wrong green but also the wrong shape. You have cut some of the stems way to short and rather than looking like a design that would grace the cover of a glamorous magazine, your creation looks more suited to a set piece from Some Mother's Do 'ave 'Em or a Benny Hill episode.

So when the opportunity came to team up with the very talented Vanessa, from Dancing Blossom Studios, on a collaborative photoshoot showcasing her stunning farm to vase floral creations arose, I jumped at it!

Vanessa is renowned within the floral community, as her passion to strive towards a sustainable floristry industry is palpable. Vanessa's drive is to source and to utilise ethical and sustainable florals, whilst also supporting local growers.

Foraging from her Families farm and her Grandmother's garden add the personal touch to her stunning floral creations.

As a photographer you can rest easy!

Photography is my passion and it runs through my blood. No grandiose or delusional thoughts on my abilities here folks. I am quietly confident in my abilities and where my strengths lay. Now that doesn't mean that every capture is perfect- far from it. But the fun is in the trying, adapting and the adventures that it brings.

So here presented to me on a plate, was the perfect opportunity to watch creativity in motion. And I must confess- in the back of my mind was this notion that a few hours watching Vanessa at work and picking up some insider tips that hey... I might just master the beginners level of this art! Clearly my thinking was somewhat delusional!

What started as a random idea, was quickly brought to life by Vanessa

With Vanessa's family farm as the backdrop, we set about curating mini photoshoots within our collaborative photoshoot. This allowed us the time to showcase each floral arrangement that Vanessa had created for the shoot, or constructed as she foraged in the garden as the afternoon progressed.

One of the stunning bouquets I had the joy to work with on the day

How pretty is this flower crown!

The photoshoot, the bouquets, the layouts and our ideas were by no means set in concrete. As the afternoon progressed, our photoshoot, the bouquets and ideas continued to organically evolve.

I am not sure however, if my "creative" idea of having the gals (aka the chooks) involved was all that successful. What they didn't bring in professionalism, they brought in fun and laughter at their antics.

Our Farm Yard Models

However, I have to say watching Vanessa forage for sprigs of wattle and effortlessly add it to her creations or create a complete new piece from it was absolutely mesmerising.

Towards the end of our photoshoot it dawned on me that we had in fact quietly established a well polished dance routine, with the floral creations taking centre stage.

It was such a joy to work a likeminded colleague and watching both of your strengths and your creative passions come together.

So my valuable lessons learnt from teaming up with the very talented Vanessa on this collaborative photoshoot are:

After hours of watching Vanessa casually forage from around her studio and farm, and then effortlessly pull designs and ideas together, I clearly have no future in floral arranging so I am going to continue to leave floral designs and creations to the experts.

That photography is my art and it presents so many amazing opportunities to grow, adventure, meet and work with some incredibly amazing like minded peoples.

That laughter is good for the Soul. So when your models turn into Diva's, you roll with it and look forward to reliving the antics every time you look at the photos.

And finally when you find likeminded people to collaborate with- the chatter and laughter add to the experience of nurturing your creativity, designs and ideas into reality.

So here's looking forward to our next collaboration Vanessa.

Our Father's Day photoshoot offer is still available

Lets Venture Together,


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