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Corona Corona!

Well honestly I have to say 2020- you are going to be the year that I am sure we all look back on and go WTF!

Not only did Covid-19 catch us completely off guard, it dramatically changed the way that each and every one of us views the world around us. Not only in our own personal bubble, but that of our families, communities, country & the world.

Will the good old hand shake or hug make a come back? For me- absolutely. Why? Because I am hugger- there I've said it! Hand up, I will admit it bring back the hug.

But I totally get that for others the ways of the old, have forever been tarnished. Ones individual space is a sacred thing.

And don't ever fear, I won't take it personally.

But as we move forward into these new uncertain times, it is incredibly important that we do remain vigilant.

I am fairly certain that we aren't yet quite out of the wood works. And therefore its important that you know, that I am upping every precaution to keep everyones health & safety continually at the forefront of ShutterBugs Adventures.

As I said, it has always be there, but now I feel its more important to be be more transparent. Hence yesterdays little online education session for Hand Hygiene.

Why not jump on the link above & check it out! Its easy to read, clear & concise. Mostly common sense. Just take the time to read the quiz questions.

As I ease back into photoshoot, I ask if you aren't feeling 100% that we chat so we can reschedule. Likewise If I am unwell, I will be in touch so that we can res-book.

Social distancing will be maintained at at least 1.5m, however realistically it will be further because of the lens I prefer to use. And ideally photoshoots will be outside for the time being. I will ensure that hand sanitiser & wet wipes will be made available through out the photoshoot.

At this time props & wraps will be kept to a minimum. They will continue to be washed, dried & stored appropriately between each session.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to be in contact.

Cannot wait to adventure with you,

Meredith xx

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