Frequently asked questions

Can you please explain the difference in the glazing options for custom framing.

Acrylic glazing is the trusted preference of many gallery owners and art connioisseurs as it is light weight, provides a crystal clear finish and has an increased shatter proof resistence compared with convential glass glazing. Glass glazing is fininished with an extremely soft green tone which can enhance a Fine Art Photograph. Glass glazing adds a slightly heavier feel to the overall finished product. Glass glazing comes standard on all custom matte framed Fine Art Photographic pieces. Upgrading to acrylic glazing is an available in the shop for $40.00.

How are Acrylic and Custom Framed Fine Art Photographs presented?

Acrylic framed fine art photographs are professionally printed on premium Ilford metallic paper and are then mounted behind a crystal clear acrylic panel. This panel is then mounted onto a custom designed backing board. Custom framed fine art photographs are professionally printed on Ilford smooth matte paper. They are then mounted within matboard, and matte frame and glazing of your choosing. Then a foam backing board is attached. All fine art photographs are professionally finished, and come complete with a hanging sytem already installed for your convenience.

What is the estimated time frame for delivery of my chosen fine art photographic piece?

We ask that you allow three weeks from the time you place your order, to its delivery. We will be in contact if your Piece is available before the estimated date. Please allow extra time during holiday periods for your order to be sent through to our Custom Framer.

Caring for my fine art photograph

All ShutterBug Adventures fine art photographs will arrive with all the required information on how to care for your investment. If you have any further concerns once your piece arrives, please feel free to be in contact so we can answer your questions.

Are ShutterBug Adventures fine art photographs available for bulk investments?

We at ShutterBug Adventures are open to discussing packages for bulk orders for Corporate Clients, Interior Designers and Real Estate Exhibitions. Please be in contact if you wish to discuss these options in further detail.