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Hey there, thanks for stopping by!


For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination for photography.


There was something magical about being able to capture on paper those moments, places and people who had been part of my adventures.

I think half the fun was waiting to collect the photos from the photo lab- yes I am old enough to remember how to load film into a camera. Opening up that envelope to reveal blurred, over exposed, dull and yet so magical images that invoke the feelings of Christmas Mornings every single time.​

Then that craziness of a career happened... Yes I too got caught up in that rut. You know the one where that unwelcome work thing slowly but surely creeps into your personal life, your evenings and makes it self right at home on your couch on the weekends.


And because I was completely exhausted and there were never enough hours in the day, I too forgot to stop and enjoy the little things.

Then my hand was forced- quite literally with an injury, to a grinding holt.


In December of 2012 my left hand was crushed, leaving me with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) otherwise known as permanent nerve damage.

See Below for further details

started from scratch, both physically & mentally, to learn how to re-use my hand/ arm.


One of the craziest therapies, and much against medical advice- I honestly don't like being told what I should & shouldn't do, was to purchase a new DSLR camera in July 2017.


Armed with my new camera, I headed off on an Adventure Photography Weekend, in the middle of Winter to dive right on into digital photography.


I'm not going to lie- it wasn't as easy feat but slowly and steadily I worked out my limitations, what captures my imagination and what memories are important to capture so that they can be shared with generations of your family to come.


It would have been easy to remain bitter about having to give up a successful nursing career, but I have to say that this is by far one of the most exciting adventures thus far!

So Lets Venture Together,


A Few of My Favourite Things


Miss Coco

This loveable scallywag is Miss Coco. A liver spotted Dalmatian with a nose for food and all the traits of a lady- for the most part...

Dates with this hottie

Love that this hottie has introduced me to a whole new world of firsts like drag races, rally car drive days and 4WD adventures. 

Bucket List

Slowly but surely ticking off the bucket list items.

This year its off to Hawaii, then cruise home via Bora Bora and New Zealand

Let's chat for a minute about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS

CRPS in layman's terms is a chronic condition that causes the nerves in a limb, such as my left arm, to malfunction.

CRPS results following an injury, trauma or surgery. In my case my left arm was crushed, no bones were broken but I had extensive soft tissue damage.

The nerve malfunction associated with CRPS results in constant pins & needles to the affected limb- my arm constantly feels like its been doused in petrol and set on fire- I have to say it isn't particularly pleasant but hey things could be worse.

The nerve malfunction also extends to ones motor and sensory function. I have found my fine motor skills and the way I interpret the things I touch has significantly diminished, so its all about learning how to do daily activities a little differently.

For most people their CRPS resolves within a few short months but for some, such as myself, it unfortunately kinda hangs around!


I no longer see it as a permanent disability. Instead I choose to see it as an opportunity, an opportunity to grow and to educate others.


So if you or someone you know has CRPS or you have any questions, please feel free to touch base.


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